GREAT: Secondary School Students Make This Four Year Old A Robotic Hand

A Michigan high school (USA) robotics team just changed 4-year-old Harmony Taylor’s life by giving her a new hand.

The robotics team at West Catholic High School in Grand Rapids, Mich., built a robohand for the local preschooler over the course of the past six weeks using a 3D printer, according to Michigan news outlet MLive. When Taylor, who was born without fingers on her right hand, attaches the device, it reflects her wrist’s movements, per local outlet WOOD-TV.

The project came together by way of Taylor’s preschool teacher, Betty Krzyszton, after she did research on robotic hands. The students then got the materials needed for the hand from a number of local benefactors, writes MLive.

After getting the hand on Thursday morning, Harmony proudly told MLive that she was going to paint her nails pink.

Members of the robotics team told WOOD-TV that they were happy to participate in the project.

“It’s a really great opportunity and we get to help people. And she really needs a hand to help her function more like the rest of us because most things are built for people with two hands,” student Aimee Kalczuk told the outlet. “We really appreciated just the opportunity to be able to do this and to be able to help somebody.”

While Harmony previously had a prosthetic hand, she outgrew the device, and her family could not afford another one. The robotics team will be making adjustments on the hand for Harmony as necessary, according to WOOD-TV.

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