Boyfriend and girlfriend relationship

There is a clear difference between a guy who deliberately gives his lady money without her asking for it and a lady who habitually begs for money.

It is not a bad thing to give your girl money especially when she needs it and ensure that you don’t go beyond your capacity all in the name of pleasing a girl. You should also be able to give without expecting anything in return and don’t make the mistake of dating someone who feels it’s her right to always place all her financial needs on you as if you are her father or uncle.

The day you fail to meet those needs, just know that she will leave you instantly for someone else that has what she wants. It is at that time you will realize that you have been making the wrong investment, because the money you spent on her could have been used for something more meaningful.

There has been stories of guys lamenting about how they spent so much for a lady just for the same lady to end up dumping them for another man, and you will be wondering if these ladies forced the money out of them at gunpoint.

A lady that truly loves you will never make financial demands that you will not meet from you, but only a woman who does not have your interest in her will make unrealistic demands since she knows that she has no plans with you.
Try and know this, that you give a lady money does not mean she will love you and as a matter of fact, a woman will take your money and give to another broke guy she loves.

It will be wise of you to spend wisely, spend on things that will add value to your life, spend on people that matter most to you, your family, friends etc, because no matter what, these will always be there for you.