Here are what happens when Teenagers are Bored

Teenagers tend to struggle with a lot of things each time they are overwhelmed with boredom. They struggle to stay motivated and might even lose sight of their goals in the process of that struggle. Little wonder teens who are bored always neglect their school work, extracurricular activities and household chores. Bored teenagers may also resort to unhealthy recreational activities, including all kinds of addictions and binge eating. At the end, all these results in more troubles for the teens and their families. So what really go on in the lives of teens when they are bored? Let’s discuss further in subsequent paragraphs.

LOW ENERGY: When teenagers are bored, they experience low energy levels that inevitably and adversely affect three important aspects of their lives- school work, attitudes, goals and attention spans. When the problem is not immediately solved, it degenerates into loss of concentration, lack of motivation and slow thinking skills. This explains why bored teenagers may skip school or neglect family chores; they simply do not have the energy to accomplish the simplest of tasks.

Bored Camel

TROUBLED BEHAVIOR: Boredom in teenagers can easily degenerate to inappropriate and illegal activities. This is because when teens are bored, they look for exciting ways to increase their low energy levels. And what better way to do that than to be a bit wayward!  Hence, we see how boredom can become a catalyst for all kinds of vices, including hooliganism and substance abuse. It therefore behooves of parents and teachers to look out for boredom/depression signs in teenagers and help them cope with such before it becomes complicated.

DISINTEREST IN FAMILY: When teens are bored, they can very easily lose interest in family interactions and activities. This is the moment when you see teens that would rather prefer to stay in their rooms all by themselves, buried in their computers. In worst case scenarios, some bored teens may even prefer to spend time outside of the family than inside of it. A solution to this is to find a way to gradually re-integrate such teens into family activities.


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