HEARTLESS: Another ‘Sick In The Head’ Man Rapes Teenager to Death in Bayelsa


A Nigerian man has been arrested after he allegedly raped a teenage girl to death and tried to cast her remains into a nearby bush.

Eyewitnesses said the man was apprehended with the naked remains of his victim, saying the suspect must have drugged the girl before raping her, The Nation reported. 

Some sources, however, claimed the suspect was trying to assist the girl who apparently had drunk poison and was rolling violently on the ground when he met her.

A source who identified herself as Eunice said the suspect claimed that he met his victim writhing in pains and decided to assist her.

She said: “We saw the civil defence officer dragging the man and lamenting that the man had raped a teenager to death. We rushed to the scene. The man was begging for understanding.

“He said he was innocent. He said he met the girl in pains. According to him the girl was frustrated and drank poison and was rolling violently on the ground when he met her.

“He said he attempted to rescue the girl and borrowed N5, 000 to take her to a clinic. On getting to the clinic, he said there was no one on duty and that he took the girl to his house. The girl according to him died in his house later.”

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