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Helpful Hints To Increase Speed Reading

Do you tag yourself as slow reader? Then, we urge you to read on to improve your reading speed! We found these reading tips and we really like these tips because they make sense and are very doable.

The first way to improve the speed of your reading is not to read word by word. Instead, read by looking two to three words at a time without moving your lips.  And before reading anything, ask yourself what you want to know from that reading. If you are only reading to find out the main idea of the article or the news, then all you need to do is to use skim reading.

Likewise, if you are printing something to read, why not paste them in your word processor and set the page into two columns? Doing this will help minimize your eye movement and hence, allow you to read faster. Always do this because reading in column is faster and less tiring.

Just like any skill, you can develop reading faster if you practice it. So make it a habit to read everyday even for at least 5 to 10 minutes and be sure that your reading speed will significantly increase!

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