February 14 is one notorious day known for unlimited amorousness. It is also the day when so many teenagers (especially girls) come under the pressure to show love by way of having sex; usually for the first time. Well I am here to tell you every reason you do not need to have sex on February 14th as a way of showing anybody that you love them. As it has always been my view, one should only have sex when s/he is mature enough (both physically and mentally) and capable of handling the likely consequences that could result from the act.

The main reason why you do not need to have sex on Valentine’s Day is because no one has the right to pressure you into having sex. So do not let anyone deceive you into thinking that your refusal to get dirty with them is a sign that you do not love them. Instead, their refusal to understand that you are not ready to get naked in bed with them should be a sign to you that they never really care about you in the first place. So be careful lest you allow someone lead you into making a mistake you may probably regret.

Another reason why you should not be pressured into having sex on Valentine’s Day is because love is because love is not all about having sex. The Saint Valentine’s Day is meant for lovers to celebrate each other. It is not a day dedicated to having sex! You must therefore bear this in mind at all times and be ready to tell it to your lover if need be.

More so, no teenager should be pressured into having sex on Valentine’s Day because really…teenagers should not be having any business with sex! You can have someone you like, have crushes on or even love. But do not deceive yourself that you are so in love so much so that you have to show it. As a teenager, you are too young in life to be thinking about love and sex. And there are very many more important things you should be bothered about rather than Valentine’s Day. Therefore, concern yourself with those and let the real lovers worry about the Valentine’s Day business; whatever that means.

Remember, you have your whole life ahead of you. A time will come when you will have the opportunity to have sex every day all week; throughout the month and all year round until you get tired of it. Therefore you must wait until then and focus on building the right future that will make such future sexual experiences truly worth having.

Be responsible!