Hi Everyone, Taylor Swift Has A Big Announcement

Taylor Swift premiered a new song during her Yahoo! live stream on Monday. Filmed before a scream-happy studio audience and opening with a talk show-esque spiel about absorbing backlash, Swift bestowed upon us her next single, “Shake It Off,” which is all about how “haters gonna hate.” That, of course, means there’s a new music video to go along with it.

The clip is directed by Mark Romanek, who’s responsible for such famous videos as Madonna’s “Bedtime Story,” Michael & Janet Jackson’s “Scream,” Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” and Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.” It combines the complementary art forms of ballet and twerking, which means we can count Natalie Portman and Miley Cyrus among Swift’s recent influences.

As predicted, the singer also announced a new album, titled “1989” (the year Swift was born) and inspired by listening to “a lot of late-’80s pop.” It’s due out Oct. 27.

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