Secondary school student arrested for hacking into his school’s computer and changing the grades of 35 students

A high school student was arrested and charged for allegedly changing the grades and attendance records of his classmates.

Investigators say that the opportunistic teen got his hands on a teacher’s log-in details before gaining access to the school’s computer system at Orange High School in New Jersey (US).

The 16-year-old was charged with multiple counts of computer theft for unlawfully accessing and altering data and hindering apprehension.

In what was surely a popular move to his peers, police say the culprit changed the grades of 35 of his fellow classmates once he had breached the system.

He also edited their attendance records during the hacking.

As a consequence of his actions, the students who had their details altered were suspended despite many claiming to have no prior knowledge of the plan.

One teen, Tyler Taylor, said that the arrest didn’t help the situation.

He said: ‘It doesn’t really change anything. I’m still suspended and I still don’t have a reason why.”

Tyler has been suspended for 10 days and banned from all extracurricular activities next year.

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