The Holidays are here already, here are a number of fun activities you can do plus you’ve been in school for a number of months now and you need to have fun and also relax or take a little break from school work. For the next few weeks, no more school so what exactly can you do starting from this weekend.

1. Watch a Movie: Perhaps you’ve missed out on a lot of movies as a result of schooling and examination or you’ve been dreaming about watching some movies. Now  that the holidays have started, you have the chance to visit the cinema house and watch lots of interesting movies.

2. Visit your Friends: School must have cut you off a number of friends, especially your that favourite family friend of yours. Why not ask your parents for permission to visit your family friends so that you can have a great holiday. Guess what? You can even have sleep-overs,  hmmm this is gonna be fun.

3. Go to the Beach: There are a number of private beaches you can go have fun. Gather with your family and a group of friends. Visit and beach and enjoy. Enough of school work for now, Enjoy your holidays!!!

4. Go Swimming: Your parents can take you swimming, its a fun activity and a form of exercise too. You’ve got to try it.

5. Play Some Games: You might not really feel like going out some times, here is what you can do indoor. Invite some friends, Play some games, you’ve got Scrabble – highly educational and can improve your English greatly, Monopoly – wonderful fun game, Ludo or you can as well play video games too.

6. Organise a Picnic or Get together: Here is how you can do this without spending so much money. You can get your friends and go to a park. Each person can bring some food items and drinks to share with another person. You can talk about an interesting topic during your picnic and have lots of fun.

7. Window Shopping: People do this all the time. Visit a large mall and simply window shop. Lots of things to see.

Make sure you have fun and enjoy your holidays before school resumes. Remember too much of everything is bad, have fun but not too much, Eat and drink but not too much.

Wishing You Happy Holidays.

Other suggestions?  Feel free to drop them in the comment box below.