How 3 Teachers Are Shaking Up Online Learning


Not too long ago, Pearson (the ginormous education company – yes it’s a technical term) put out a few really interesting videos about teachers who are shaking up online learning. They’re talking about innovation in online learning – and not the innovation that has driven new technologies. They’re talking about the type of innovation that changes how teachers teach, how learners learn, and how information is delivered and processed.

Each of the educators in the videos below have a unique approach to educating students in their virtual classrooms. Their video testimonials are inspiring, so check them out. Are you an online educator, or perhaps you know someone who is shaking up online learning? Tell us how in the comments!

Flipping The Online Classroom

For Meredith Carpenter of Haywood Community College, and countless educators like her, “innovation” is more than just a buzzword. Innovation is central to her vision, critical to her mission, and something she embraces every day. Hear from Meredith Carpenter about how flipping her classroom has helped her to prepare students for the realities of owning a business.

Creating Community Online

For Steve Lurenz of Mesa Community College, building community means more than just meeting with his class in an online forum. Community is central to his vision of giving students a shared understanding and appreciation of the importance of the history they study. Hear why Steve Lurenz believes building community is the key to successful online learning.

Changing Lives Online

For Tom Stoudt, online learning is about more than just teaching from a textbook…it’s about teaching students to save lives. As the founder of Hero’s Academy, the only online EMT training program in his state, Tom is truly a pioneer, and works hard to help students achieve their dreams of working in the emergency medical field.

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