Teachers have a great effect on students and most especially during exams period, the following ways are means by which the teachers can help the students stay focused during their exams.

1. Talk and listen to the student: Many are aware of their difficulty in focusing. If they are older, they can often tell you what helps them focus, listen to them and help them out.

2. Help students get organized Since some students tend to be disorganized, ask parents to help you create a system to help them with this task. . If students move from class to class, talk with other teachers to help find a system that will work for each students during exams

3. Be creative in your lessons Move often. Since focus is a big issue, moving around and standing near the student will help. Use bright visuals but keep it simple. Putting up the entire multiplication table when you are really working on the 5 tables will be overwhelming. Use drama when teaching, varying tones when reading aloud, and allow for some movement throughout the day.

4. Use manipulativesAllow the students to have what I call “busy hands” that is, a small (almost undetectable) ball, poster putty, or other object that will keep them busy and focusing. You will be amazed how much they can accomplish with just having the other hand occupied.

5. Tap into different learning styles. Use computers, classroom centers, audio tapes, and other means of learning to engage students who need more than just oral instruction. Also allow the students to read loud instead of reading in silence, reading loud makes the students remember what they have read.