The academic performance of students has a lot to do with the situations in their homes just as much as it has to do with their ability to study hard. After all, the homes are where they live, spend a great number of hours every day and have the most factors influencing them. As such, the impact that homes have on students can either be positive or negative. When positive, the main implication usually is that the students feel comfortable enough and in the right frame of mind to study and excel in their academics. This is however not the case when the home fronts are not conducive.  So how exactly do the circumstances at homes determine the academic performances of students? Let us examine this question a bit deeper…below.

The first thing to note is that the home can either have positive or negative impact on a student’s academic. And in either case, the parents are in the best position to determine it such that when parents provide the right environment for their children, the children thrive; vise visa.

The home factors that determine students’ academic performance include parents’ ability and readiness (or otherwise) to meet physical needs, as well as the parents’ availability to provide emotional support. In other words, providing for the children’s physical needs are not just enough. The parents equally be available to provide emotional support.

Moving on, troubles at home may range from poverty to abuse and the constant fighting of parents. When this happens, it tends to disturb teens, causing them to study less and without concentration.  Most times, teenagers can cope with one set of troubles at home, say poverty. When a family is poor and the children understand that their loving parents want the best for them and could have given them more if they had the means, they tend to deal with the discomforting situation without letting it distract their studies. But this is not what happens when parents are unhappy with each other, unloving to the children and generally showing no interest in the welfare of the children.

 Therefore, parents must ensure to avoid any negative impacts of unhealthy home fronts on the teens, parents must ensure to provide for the teens’ physically needs, keep them happy by providing emotionally support and importantly, provide assist them academically whenever they can.