How to Answer JAMB Questions 2022/2023: 5 Important Rules

Imagine being so intelligent and yet not knowing what the exam rules are. That is a clear sign of failure. In any examination, there are usually a few pointers and strategies that can assist test takers. Those that know the secrets end up acing the exam and receiving a good mark. Those who do not know what they need to know, on the other hand, will fail. That is why I am a firm believer in the notion that reading alone is insufficient preparation for any exam.

Because it is a Computer Based Test, examinations like the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) are much more demanding (CBT). So, if you don’t know some of the helpful hints for answering JAMB questions, you’ll fail woefully.

But don’t panic; I’ve created this piece to walk every JAMB candidate through the fundamentals of what JAMB questions look like and how to answer them despite the exam’s restricted time and big number of questions.

Things to Note About JAMB Examination
1. JAMB questions are computer-based: Of course, I have said that before but I think it is still worthwhile to explain what a CBT examination is. Unlike other examinations, CBT questions tend to be more feared because everything is automated and programmed. Take, for example, the questions asked in CBT examinations are marked by the computer. No one has the power to manipulate your score.

In that same way, if you have a problem with your computer during the examination, it is likely that nobody will be able to solve it, except if it is just a minimal issue.

2. Candidates are given limited time to answer all questions: Another important thing you have to note is that, there is usually limited time to answer all JAMB questions. Candidates are expected not to spend above 45 minutes on a particular question. And as I have already mentioned, the time is also automated. Once it is time to stop the examination, JAMB will automatically log out the user.

3. All the questions in JAMB examination are objective: Due to the fact that UTME examination is CBT, JAMB no longer asks essay questions as they use to do before. Now, every question in the examination is set in an objective format. Even Use of English is done this way so candidates do not have to worry about letter writing and essays in the examination.
4. JAMB questions look simple but complex: Yes! You heard me right. That is nothing but the truth. JAMB questions usually look simple but they are not. Every question in the examination must be given good attention. If you fail to do this, you might end up choosing wrong answers in the examination, believing that you have done the right thing.
5. JAMB repeats questions every year: With about 3 attempts in writing UTME it is an open secret that questions are repeated; the ultimate secret for passing jamb examination is to study pass questions and there is no doubt about it.

If you read to this point then you are most likely to score high in JAMB by the secret I have dropped in number 5

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