How to deter teens from getting tattoos… vow to do the same if they ever did – Obama advises parents

President Barack Obama might have just come up with the best strategy to deter your kids from getting tattoos. All you have to do is promise to get matching ones, which will make their tattoos seem totally uncool, because who wants to have matching tattoos with their parents, right?

The father of two was on The Ellen Show and revealed his genius plan to stop his daughters Malia and Sasha from getting any tattoos. He vows that himself and The First Lady will not only get the exact tattoos in the same spot, but will also post it online for everyone to see.

“We will reduce the cool factor of any tattoo,” he stated. “Michelle and I will be right there, and we’ll post it so that everybody will be able to see it and we’ll say, ‘We all got matching tattoos!'”

The audience couldn’t help but laugh with the President. Ellen praised him for coming up with the great strategy.

“I suspect it will be a pretty good deterrent for Malia and Sasha,” he agreed.

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