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How To Fight The Pre-Exam Slump

Pre-exam slump? Check out this article, It says that students tend to create study plans every day; but the problem is that study plans became futile when the urge to slouch takes over. So instead of making it a daily basis routine, create a project method to plan your exam and plot your work in a visual panic schedule. No matter what, stick to that plan.

But of course, being on alert and making sure that your plan is always in progress can be stressful as well. So don’t forget to take a breather. Reserve one day with no “To Do List” so that you are free to do anything you want to do like watch a movie with a friend; eat without hurry; or go to malls.

These would rejuvenate you and could get you going again for the loads you have to take.  Also, who says you cannot break the rules? Violate as many rules as you can. If it is the general practice that you study one week ahead of your examination date, do something different like studying a month ahead.

Do you usually study in the library? How about changing it into studying in the park or memorizing while in transit? When our mind is not set to the generally accepted norm; there are more chances that we will not fall into procrastination.

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By going out of the standard norm, we break the sense of going through the same motion every day.  It is also important that we beat the feeling of not working by forcing ourselves to do the opposite. Make a goal for yourself.

Be prepared one week ahead and spend the extra days to master those challenging part. Having a goal can give you the drive to move ahead. Of course, reward yourself. Think of an exciting plan for that you will truly enjoy.

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In most cases, human’s endure challenges if they feel they are looking forward for something worthwhile. You may ignite this drive by careful planning and looking forward for the realization of that plan. This transforms your exam from a challenging and meaningless task into the last challenge before your anticipating reward.

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