Hello dear young friends. I am sure you are doing great today. You may be wondering why we have been addressing your safety all these while and it appears it is an endless journey. Please do not wonder. I will tell you two things straight-up.

First, your safety is very important and MUST be your primary concern and the concerns of those who care about you. Your safety is the foundation and the guarantee of all you hope to be today and tomorrow. It takes the living to purse a future. Second, your safety is never dependent on wishful thinking. Your safety is dependent on knowledge, skills and attitude. These three, we must take time to acquire if they must prevent the day of trouble or we expect them to speak for us in the day of trouble.

I therefore charge you to patiently take this journey with me. It may be long but it is worth it is weight in priceless gold.

Today I will share with you the fifth of the principle you must know about yourself to be in a position to protect yourself:. Being young does not mean you are rehearsing for life. In the course of my work empowering thousands of youths in the last seventeen years, I have come across many sound young people, who are awake, alive, up and doing in their disposition to life. They are young, yet responsible. They are well aware that life has begun and they must contribute their quota to get whatever they desire, including protecting themselves.

I have also met many more, who are very carefree about life. They act as if life is yet to begin and they are in a pre-existence state. They are the exact opposite of the group of people I referred to in the immediate paragraph.

Permit me to state here that your upbringing matters a lot. A lot of you are responding to how you were raised. I do understand this perfectly but I charge you that you must learn to rise above how you were raised. Yes, it is a difficult task but it is not an impossible task. You must not get into the blame game of holding your parents and teachers responsible for your fortune or misfortune to the point that you abandon the whole of your destiny to their soundness or mistakes. You must learn from their soundness and mistake alike as you humbly take your destiny into your hands, knowing that you are not in rehearsal for life.

Life is here dear friends. It is here. You have started already. Yes you have. Today are the building blocks of tomorrow. If today is solid tomorrow will be solid. If today is weak, tomorrow is automatically weak. You began to live from conception. The unstoppable breath of life entered into you when your mother conceived you. The day you were born, you entered into the second phase of life. I call it the phase of opportunity, an opportunity for your parents and other caregivers to give you a future and a hope; an opportunity for your to make good impression on life and make your impact.

Yes, you have never lived before. Yes there should be rooms for making mistakes. Yes there must be room for me to learn from my mistakes. Yes, those around me should know that I am but a young lad, who is getting to understand life and its rudiments. Yes, I agree with you completely. All the foregoing is part of life. You must accept them as your reality and win, knowing that you are configured to successfully succeed in the midst of all of these.

For you to engage in personal safety and self-protection, I beg you, take time to understand this principle. It will help you in no small way to know that there are chances you can take with your life and there are many you must not take in the best interest of your present and future.

Our time or should I say our space is spent…I have to go now…I will return next week to continue this written talk. Please note that I am available for interaction on this platform. Do have an INSPIRED week. Stay SMART!