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How to prevent asthma in kids

Asthma is the most chronic common disease among children, which affects breathing due to inflammation in the lungs, airway and respiratory tracts. Most asthma attacks in kids are caused by an allergic reaction and parents can look at things that may reduce their kids’ chances of getting the disease – although there is no definite way to prevent it.

Keep your home clean Always. keep your house clean and tidy. Vacuum clean and dust your home regularly. Wash your mattresses and linens in hot water frequently. Also, try to purchase allergen-barrier coverings for the pillows and mattresses.

Make your children stay away from smoke. Make sure that your baby is not exposed to irritants such as tobacco smoke and air pollution as they can cause asthma symptoms in children.

Do not let smokers smoke inside your house, especially, if your child has asthma. Exposing your young ones to second hand tobacco smoke can make them develop asthma and trigger the symptoms if they already have the disease. Also, the risk of developing asthma in newborn babies is markedly increased if a mother smokes during pregnancy. Exclusive breast-feeding Breastfeeding protects babies against all kinds of infections. Studies suggest that breastfeeding can help prevent children from getting asthma. According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), lung infections in babies are linked to the development of asthma, but breastfeeding boosts a baby’s immune system to help ward off infections and asthma.

Avoid pets at home. Since most of the kids are allergic to pet dander, it’s best not to keep a pet at home. Having one can trigger your child’s allergic reactions.

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