How to Protect Yourself From Rape


Due to increasing number of rape cases, which appear to be more commonly perpetrated against teenagers, Passnownow is providing these tips for members of our community, and we hope they will help prevent young girls from becoming victims of rape. 

1. Be Cautious when Outdoors: Rapists generally tend to attack girls who appear to be walking along aimlessly or who do not seem very active. Thus, by being confident and walking erect and purposefully, you can deter a rapist.

When walking, make sure to stay away from narrow alleys or dark streets. Don’t take shortcuts through rough neighbourhoods or deserted paths. Stay on the main street.

At dark, take a cab or ask your family member or a friend to pick you up. If you must walk, walk quickly on a route that is not deserted.

Always know exactly where you are. In case you do find yourself in trouble and have to call someone for help, you need to know your exact location.

If you do have a car, have your key already at hand when approaching your vehicle. Get into your car as soon as you open it and drive away.

2. Don’t use earpiece when you’re alone in dark or unpopulated places, especially at night. Having music in your ears will prevent you from hearing someone who might be trying to sneak up on you. Keep your wits about you at all times.

3. Safety at Home: The area outside your main entrance should be lit properly so that there are no dark shadows where a potential rapist can hide.

Have a peephole on your entry door. If a stranger is at your door, open the door only if you are completely satisfied with their answer.

Keep your curtains drawn as far as possible so that people cannot look into your home, especially after nightfall.

4. If At a Party: To protect yourself when on a date, do not accept drinks from anyone you don’t know. Even if you do know the person, it is best to get your own drink or have the bartender or waiter serve you directly. If you have left your drink unattended for even half a minute, do not take a sip from that drink again.

5. Listen to your fears.
If you feel unsafe on a certain street that you regularly take home from school, take a different route, even if it’s longer. Don’t brush aside your concerns, telling yourself that you’re being silly. Often, our reptilian brains know better than our conscious minds when there is something to be worried about.

6. Be Armed: Pepper spray can be extremely effective to deter a potential rapist. This safety product is inexpensive, easy to procure and is designed in a manner (you can even get lipstick pepper sprays that look like a lipstick!) so as to fit even the smallest of purses. The video above will tell you more on this point.

Even though these safety tips may not entirely protect you against rape, at least you will have minimised your chances of becoming a rape victim greatly.

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