A resolution, being sponsored by Nigeria to declare Jan. 24 every year as the International Day of Education, is expected to pass overwhelmingly at the UN General Assembly on Monday.

Nigeria’s Ambassador/Permanent Representative to the UN, Prof. Tijjani Bande, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in New York that there had been no dissenting voice against the Nigeria-led resolution.

“Nigeria is happy that there is no division on this matter.

“Every delegation has come on board to say this is an important initiative and already, the resolution will be passed on Dec. 3.

“Thereafter, every 24th of January will be celebration around the world and this is very important,’’ Bande said.

NAN reports that the resolution is being co-sponsored by Ireland, Singapore, and Qatar, in partnership with the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UN Children’s Fund, UN Women and Collegiate Congress.

Bande expressed confidence that the resolution would be overwhelmingly supported by all UN Member States, saying no fewer than 30 countries have already publicly declared their support to Nigeria on the resolution.

“We would certainly have an overwhelming support; there is hardly any delegation that has opposed it.

“After three days of the silent procedure, not a single delegation has a dissenting voice because we negotiated, everybody has been on board,’’ the Nigerian envoy said.

According to him, Nigeria widely shares the belief that education is key to everything, but expressed discontent that, not a day had been set aside to recognise it in the history of the UN.

“At the International level, of course, this also is understood and there is a gap in terms of recognition of the importance of education to such a degree that a day is dedicated to reflecting on what education has done but equally importantly, what needs to be done to guarantee to every citizen a good education.

“Education is key to development; it is key to peace.

“These are things that we want to use education to continue to achieve under the goals of the United Nations on the 2030 Agenda.

“Education is not only important in its own right but it also facilitates the achievement of literally all other goals and this is why it is important.’

Originally written by Todayng