Except for home-schooled teens, students are typically surrounded by very many classmates. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that every single Nigerian student deals with his or her classmates every school day; after all the home schooling trend is not something very common in this part of the world. Putting this in perspective therefore, we hereby delve into the topic of this post- collaborative learning. It is commonplace for students to share textbooks with classmates just as  as it is commonplace to exchange notebooks and even study together. If you are used to this trend, then kudos to you have overtime availed yourself the many benefits of collaborative learning. And just in case you haven’t, well you have to pay attention to the following paragraphs.

Indeed, Information Technology has completely overhauled the way students can access learning materials. Passnownow.com for instance enables as many students as possible to note only access vast amount relevant E-learning content, but also easily connect students with one another so that they can better share experiences. This consequently makes knowledge acquisition interesting and passing exams easy. That’s collaborative learning in action, and it is advisable for every user on this platform to ensure to invite as many of their friends as possible.

That said, below are more benefits of collaborative learning, highlighted just to inspire you. Be inspired.


IT SAVES TIME AND EFFORT: One of the best things about taking part in collaborative learning by sharing study notes with a friend is that it can save you a massive amount of time, effort and ultimately stress especially when preparing for your exams. Here’s how you can benefit- pick a reliable classmate (or two) to share study notes with, divide up topics for your particular subject, create study resources for your chosen topics and share your friend. But this is no reason for you to get lazy; you can’t expect your mates to do all the work! You have to do your part and you can both reap the rewards.

IT AVAILS STUDENTS NEW PERSPECTIVES & INSIGHTS: The real value of learning from study notes created by someone else is that you can gain an entirely new perspective from another person’s view of a subject. This will certainly give you an edge when it comes to your exams as you will be able to answer questions in a more nuanced way demonstrating your full understanding. Your study buddies will give you new ideas and facts which you never thought of and you will be able to do the same for them. And that way, everyone is a winner!

IT KEEPS STUDENTS MOTIVATED: You can’t let your friends down right? I mean, knowing that you too will need to create study notes that will impress and be useful to your mates will banish any inclination to procrastinate and be lazy! This therefore lights a fire in that part of your brain that motivates success.

So there you go…all the benefits of collaborative learning. I hope you’re inspired. Well, you should be!