Parenting is beyond conceiving babies, birthing them and providing them with the best care they could have. For inasmuch as those things are good, it is not enough. Instead, it is the responsibility of parents to always make sure that they are raising very good children who will one day become model citizens of society. In this regards, parents should be responsible for teaching their children the right behavioural patterns and the thought processes they will need to flourish in life. Indeed, parents play the greatest roles when it comes to training children to become the best they could be.

That said, below are some of the worldviews every parents should be impacting unto their children-

Teach them the importance of respecting others. They should be taught that if there is basic human respect to others around us, most of the evil we witness and hear about everyday would never occur. In the same vein, they should be taught that respect for others brings about kindness just as respect for oneself shows self control and worth. Also, respect for authority is inevitable.


Teach them the need for good manners. Perhaps this is the most important thing parents should teach their children. Teaching children manners have been proven to raise their social IQs while also making them very reasonable and thoughtful/considerate people. Therefore, teach your children manners please!

Teach your children to lose (and win) with much grace. It is one thing to either win or lose, and it’s a whole lot of other things to win

[overly] proud or lose sorely.  When you brag about your win, it tends to put people off; naturally. The same thing happens when you are a sore loser. Therefore, it is important for parents to teach their children the true spirit of sportsmanship. This could be done by parents constantly engaging their children in family games and encouraging them to either win or lose with grace.

Teach them the importance of hard work. One of the biggest challenge we have in our country today is people who think it is smart to figure out ways to evade work while expecting to earn their wages and salaried after all. But looking out for shortcuts really does no one any good.  See a place where people are diligent at their jobs and see how successful such places are. Therefore, parents must teach their children to cherish hard work knowing full well that is the basic step to all round success.

Teach them to be tolerant towards others. After all, intolerance does no one any good. When people are intolerant to others who are different from them, the intolerance overtime breads hatred and that will not augur well for anybody. Therefore, it behooves of parents to teach their children to be open minded and accept others for the fact that they are human beings; in spite of their different ways of life.

Also, parents should teach their children to:

1. Always tell the truth as much as they can for the mere fact that it is easier to tell the truth than lie.

2. Teach them to learn from everything, including their mistakes and failures.

3. Teach them to be responsible for their actions and inactions.

4. In all, teach them to be good, first to themselves and then to others.