Important Things Teen Girls Should Know About Dating & Love

Teenagers in love are a sight to see. No one really knows what will happen, and their choices are often made because of outside influences and not solely on their own feelings. These are some things that teen girls should consider when dating, and why.

Girl code

Yes, there is truly an unspoken girl code that the ladies follow. This includes things like not dating your friend’s ex, not going after the guy your girlfriend has a crush on, and most importantly, never make fun of your friends to guys just for laughs. I have watched as some of the girls in this town spread vicious rumours about their so-called “friend.” It was a terrible sight to see, and that girl was constantly ridiculed because everyone believed what they heard. The truth is no guy is worth losing a friend over.

Sex does not equal love

So many young girls believe that if they have sex with their boyfriends, the guys will stick around. Sex does not equal love by any means. If he truly cares about you, he will respect your decision to wait. Being pressured into something you are not ready for can send your life into a downward spiral. When you are ready to give yourself to someone completely, you won’t think twice. There is a huge difference between sex and love.

Date someone who knows your worth

Sadly, many of the teenage boys are just out to get the hottest girl. If they find one hotter than you, they move on. If you are not with someone that knows how special you are and can prove it to you, walk away now. It is not worth wasting all that time in high school with someone you have no future with. If he knows how awesome you are and shows you, he is a keeper.

Teenage girls are often lost when it comes to the dating world. Everything moves so fast and boys can put a lot of pressure on them about sex. Remembering to keep a level head and to make your own decisions will help you through the chaos that is teenage love.

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