Iran is a republic in Central Asia, it shares borders with Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Iran has been officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979. Iran is a Shiite Muslim country, but the majority of its people are Persian, not Arab.

Fast Facts about Iran

1. In Persian, the word Iran means “Land of the Aryans. The capital of Iran is the city of Tehran. It also happens to be the largest city in Iran.

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2. In Iran, A host is obliged to offer anything a guest might want, and a guest is equally obliged to refuse it. You always have to insist on paying for services, in restaurants, in taxis. Because people will pretend they do not want to accept the payment.

3. Education is super important in Iran. Almost everyone is a PhD.

4. While some leeway is given for tourists as many Iranians understand that thumbs up means “good” elsewhere, giving a thumbs up in Iran actually is equivalent to giving a middle finger.

5. Population of Iran as at 2013 is about 77 million.

6. Shiite Islam is the official religion of the country and the president, prime minister, and cabinet ministers must be Muslims.

7. The national currency of Iran is Iranian rial.

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8. The official language of Iran is Persian

9. In Iran, Girls and boys are educated separately until the university level. In addition, girls typically have only female teachers, and boys typically have only male teachers.

10. Iran ranks second in the world in natural gas and third in oil reserves.