Do you remember just a few years ago when Iyanya became so rich and famous following the success of his monstrous hit Kukere? At this time, he was also having a much-talked-about romantic relationship with delectable Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson. Theirs was the perfect relationship; two beautiful and wealthy trans-border celebrities giving everybody all kinds of relationship goals. Unfortunately, the relationship unexpectedly ended, and neither party  actually took time to address the issues that led to their breakup. This situation gave the press all the reason they needed to come up with various theories as to what happened. I for one read/heard so many of such theories I got tired. Well as it appears, Iyanya finally decided to tell us exactly what caused his relationship with Yvonne to end as well the reason why he is currently not in any relation. During an interview with The Nation newspaper, he said the following; apparently referring what transpired during his short-lived relationship with the screen goddess-
“I am not in a relationship and I will tell you why. It’s not that I don’t want a woman in my life; but the thing is that being Iyanya alone is so much work. So much pressure and so much sleepless nights. Oh yea lets chill, oh no I gotta go now. I’m flying over this Friday to spend the weekend with you and I be like ‘okay come over’. And when she touched down, I had to go somewhere that night. So all that stuff  really made[is making] it hard for me to have a relationship because not everybody is able to accept to be in love with somebody who is not going to be around always.”
Meanwhile, as though the interviewer didn’t already get the point, s/he asked Iyanya whether the scenario he described above was responsible for his breakup with Yvonne, he agreed-
“That’s the main reason actually, although the media will always be the media. But we broke up because we hardly had time for each other. So, it’s like every time she flew from Ghana to Nigeria I was busy. During that time, I had just dropped Kukere I was hustling. And I would do four shows in a day and I would make like 2million. Because I was a hustling boy, any show I was called to do I made show I went for it. I won’t about to forfeit cool  money because I was in love.”
Meanwhile, he continued with some more insight into why he is currently not dating anybody-
“When you have a girlfriend and she’s watching your Snapchat and seeing girls backstage hugging you, she will be like ‘hell no! I can’t do this shit’. And then you finally find a nice girl that’s ready to cope with all that and her parents are like ‘Musician keh?’ So I just have to do my music and make money.”
So there you have it- Iyanya is just married to the game for now. It’s all about the dough…until he really find the right one anyway. Well here is wishing him well with that.