JAMB 2022: Tips To Help You Ace It

Preparing for an exam like JAMB can sometimes be stressful for many students, and we understand the stress this could cause.

At Passnownow, we believe in the ideals of advancing education through technology and also helping students attain their academic goals. 

Now that JAMB 2022 is around the corner. The Registration for 2022 UTME and DE kicked off on Saturday 19th February.

It is the dream of many students to gain admission into the university of their choice. But to achieve this, they must scale through the hurdle of successfully passing the UTME exam. 

If you have registered for JAMB 2022, We strongly encourage you to keep up with your studies. 

In this article, We have compiled tips you can follow to help you ace your exam.

Here are tips to help you ace your exam.

-Start studying on time

Every student needs to study to pass an exam, and early studying is essential. You don’t have to wait until the exam is so close before you start studying; the earlier you begin, the better for you.

Studying on time allows you to become acquainted with the themes, topics, terms, definitions and concepts.

-Study Consistently

This method is essential because it is a proven method that has helped a lot of students academically, a really good technique to study Consistently is to have a study timetable and keep to it.

-Do not ignore any Subject 

Many students have a favourite subject and ignore others. You do not need to avoid any subject to ace your exam.

Resist the tendency to ignore the subject you don’t like, study it as much as you study your favourite subject, this will improve your reading. 

-Study With JAMB Syllabus

For every UTME exam, there is a Syllabus prepared by JAMB, while preparing for your exam ensure to study with the JAMB Syllabus and other notes that will help you. 

-Use JAMB Pastquestions 

The use of Past questions to study will help you succeed in your exams because research shows that JAMB tends to repeat questions from past years. 

The use of JAMB past questions will assist you as you prepare for the exam alongside JAMB’syllabus. 

Know your strength and weakness

Identify your areas of weakness and strength in any of the four subjects you will be writing in your exam and work on them, this will help you improve your reading and most importantly ace your exam. 

Stay Focused 

Get off all distractions during this period, all your focus should be on successfully passing your exam. ignore things that will distract you, less play more studying

-Use Passnownow 

YES! Use Passnownow, We are Nigeria’s No. 1 Mobile Learning Platform that provides access to Curriculum Compliant, quality Classwork Notes based on Syllabus for under-served Secondary School Students around Nigeria.

On Passnownow, you can access preparatory past questions for exams like WAEC, JAMB and JSSCE.

In conclusion, if you have registered for JAMB 2022, We strongly believe the tips discussed in this article will help you ace your exam. 

We wish you Success.

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