Reading and writing- Descriptive Essay

Grammar- Active and passive voice

Descriptive essays are not intended to persuade or argue with the reader or to present a list of facts and figures. Descriptive essay is the clear description of people, places, objects,or events using appropriate details.

Comprehension passage on descriptive essay

How tall was the Robber? (part 1)

Mr Momodu and Mr Mbana were two traders. They each had a shop in the centre of town. The two men were very good friends. But people used to laugh when they saw them together, foe while Mr Momodu was exceptionally  tall. Mr Mbama was exceptionally short. Mr Momodu was 195cm tall, while his friend was only 135cm.

One day, the two men were talking together together when a peugeot 504 stopped on the other side of the street.The driver got out, and started to walk towards them. Suddenly , a man dressed in a white T-shirt and brown trousers ran out of a side-street, and pulled out a pistol.

‘Give me your car keys and your wallet!’ he shouted, pointing the pistol at the driver’s chest. A few moments later, the thief had driven  away towards  the main road, leaving the driver standing in the road, too dazed  to speak or move.


  1. How much of the story can you remember? describe.

Grammar- Active and Passive voice

Verbs have two voices: an active voice and a passive voice. Voice as the form of a verb shows whether the subject of the verb does the action (the active voice) or whether the action is done to it (the passive voice). Accordingly, we can write a sentence in either of the two different ways.

The verb is in the active voice when the subject,which can be a person or thing performs the action

  • Cats ate the fish. (Subject: cats; verb: ate: object: fish)

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