Syllables in English

A syllable is a group sounds, containing one vowel sound. The following are the examples of one syllable







How many syllables do these words have?

  1. Watches
  2. police
  3. Return
  4. happened

Not all syllables receive equal stress in English. Usually,In English only nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and Yes/No and question words like where? and How? receive any stress in a sentence. And if a stressed word contains more than one syllable, often only one syllable is stressed.

The /∂/ Sound

The /∂/ sound is very common – but never in stressed syllables. It occurs in words like  a, an. and the, which are  almost always pronounced /∂/, /∂n/ and /ð∂/, and in many unstressed syllables.

The following words are the stressed syllables; they are in capitals;all the unstressed syllables pronounced with the /∂/ sound.

WOMan    BUTTon  CORner  NERVous


Grammar-   Prepositions

A preposition is one or more small words before a noun or a pronoun.Prepositions are mostly single words used before a pronoun, noun, noun phrase, or verb to express their relationship with the rest of the sentence.

There are many prepositions, some of which are as follow: about, above, after, along, among, before, behind, beside, between, by, for, from, in, into, like, near, of, off, on, over, to, since, through, under, until, up, with, within, without.

A preposition can also be a two-word or three-word combination. It is called a compound preposition. Two-word compound prepositions include according to, because of, different from, due to, and instead of.

Some examples of three-word compound prepositions are as far as, in addition to, in front of, and in spite of.

Types of preposition

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