JSS1 English Language Third Term: The use of preposition

Proper use of Preposition

  • A preposition is followed by a noun or a pronoun.
Example: We go jogging every day after work. (Preposition)
(The preposition is after and is followed by the noun work.)
  • An adverb comes after a verb and is not followed by an object.
We got here not so long ago and she arrived after. (Adverb)
(After is an adverb that comes after the verb arrived.)
  • A conjunction has a clause that comes after it.
We arrived after he had left. (Conjunction)
(The clause he had left comes after the conjunction after.)

Prepositions + other part

We can use a preposition immediately after a noun, an adjective, or a verb in a sentence.

After noun

  • The hostages didn’t give up hope of being released alive.
  • The people are unlikely to forget your kindness to them.
 After adjective
  • None of his relatives and friends believed him guilty of this terrible crime.
  • Not being confident about their future, they decided to emigrate.

After verb

  • The audience laughed at her funny jokes.
  • She doesn’t seem to worry about anything in life

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