JSS2 Agricultural Science Third Term: Farm Animal Diseases I


Diseases can be defined as the absence of normal health due to infection, nutritional deficiency and imbalance, hereditary and functional disorders as well as injuries. Diseases can also be described as any disturbance in the normal life or body function of an organism which may affect a particular organ or the whole body and sometimes leads to reduced growth, production or premature death.

Infectious Diseases – these are diseases which can affect an animal without the animal coming in contact with the infected animal. Transmission of this type of disease is through air, water, dust. Examples are fowl cholera, anthrax, tuberculosis.

Contagious Diseases – A disease is said to be contagious if the mode of transmission is by a healty animal coming in physical contact with an infected animal with the diseases being transferred. Examples of such diseases are Foot and Mouth Disease, Newcastle disease

Types of Diseases

  1. Peracute disease – one that lasts only for a short time with no noticeable symptoms
  2. Acute disease – This shows noticeable symptoms and manifests maximum causality
  3. Sub – acute disease – This lasts more than acute with one or more symptoms of the disease
  4. Chronic disease – This is the type that keeps on longer causing loss of growth and production but no resulting death of the animal

Causes of Disease

  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Protozoa
  • Malnutrition or metabolic disorder

Fungal Diseases

  1. Ringworm – animals affected are poultry birds, pigs
    Causal Organism – fungus
    – Lesions on the skin
    – Skin irritation
    – Loss of appetite and weight
    Method of Transmission
    Through infected animals, contact with infected brushes, feeders and drinkers.
    – Disinfection of all pens and equipment
    – Infected parts of animals should be treated every two to six days with mixture of Sulphur and vaseline
    – Old scabby area can be scrapped off and iodine solution applied…

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JSS2 Agricultural Science Third Term: Farm Animal Diseases I

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