Simple Maintenance Methods

The major concern of this unit is to discuss the maintenance of common domestic appliances. The methods used include cleaning, dusting, washing, oiling and replacement of damaged parts. The electronic appliances used are to be handled with care because they are fragile and costly.

Users should be familiar with the contents of the manufacturer’s manual concerning the handling and maintenance of such appliances. Examples are radio, television, refrigerator, fan, etc.

Kitchen utensils also need to be maintained. They should be cleaned constantly and kept dry. Furniture items should be dusted while machines should be oiled regularly.

Maintenance of Furniture

A. Tables

A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top, which can be oval, rectangular, round or may take any other shape. The commonest shape is the rectangular shape. A table top can be made of plastic laminates, metal, formica, finished wood or may even be padded.

A table has one or more legs, but tables with four legs are more common. It is usual to see tables with iron legs and sheet metal tops or made of plastic. The tables made completely of wood are very common. If a table is made of wood, it is important to emphasize that the wood must be well seasoned; that is, the excess moisture in the wood must have been dried out. If the wood is not properly seasoned, the table can easily become warp and the drawers become shabby. Since most of our homes have tables made of seasoned wood and finished tops, attention will be given more to tables made of wood I this discussion.

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