The Meaning of Advertising

Advertising can be defined as a means by which a manufacturer tells the potential consumers about existence of a product and other information about a product.

Advertising is the introduction of goods or product or a service to a consumer or an intending customer. Advertising a product means introducing it to potential consumers, pointing out its qualities and prices of the goods and services.

Advertisement is the spoken or the written words, graphic, pictures etc that conveys the information or message of the advertising.

Types of advertising

Advertising are of various types which are explained below

  1. Persuasive advertising: Persuasive advertising is the advert that has to do with a way of persuading or inducing people to buy a particular product rather than using sweet words to sell a product.
  2. Informative advertising: This is also called consumer education, it is designed to let the public knows about a particular good. Informative advertising aim at informing people about a particular event that is about to happen.
  3. Competitive advertising: competitive advertising is designed to convince or persuade more customers to buy a particular product at the expenses of other products to enable the advertiser increase its market share of the product.
  4. Specific advertising: This is a situation where a seller will focus its appeal to the consumers on a particular brand of the product.
  5. Mass advertising: This is a type of advertising jointly sponsored by a group of producer of similar products which emphasizes the general use of such products.

Functions of Advertising

The functions of advertising are highlighted below as

  • Advertising provide information to customers about the usefulness of a product
  • It informs the general public about the products which a particular company is producing
  • In increases employment opportunities
  • It leads to improvement in the quality of goods
  • It increases the volume of sale which leads to high standard of living
  • It creates demand and makes effort to sustain the demand for goods and services
  • It directs potential consumers of a product to where such a product can be bought
  • It enables consumer to compare the quality of product to the price.
  • It creates avenue for consumer to make their choices
  • It makes a company to gain popularity through consistent advert

Advertising Media

An advertising medium is a means by which products or services are advertised or introduced to the public. The different types of advertising media are-

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