Topic: E-MAIL (Electronic Mail)

E-MAIL (Electronic Mail)

Electronic mails enable us to exchange message with people around the world, including friends, family members, colleagues, customers and even people you meet on the internet. E-mail is an exciting feature of the internet as we can send and receive message over long distance. Electronic mail, most commonly referred to as email or e-mail since 1993, is a method of exchanging digital messages

from an author to one or more recipients. Modern email operates across the Internet or other computer networks. It is also fast, easy and inexpensive.


An e-mail address is the combination of a users name and domain name that identifies the user so that he/she can receive messages.

An email message has the several parts like form, to CC,BCC and subject.

  1. The person who is sending the email message writes his or her email address in this address section.
  2. To the email address of the person who receives the message is been sent is written where
  3. CC stands for carbon copy it is exact copy the message
  4. BCC stands for blind carbon copy if you want to send the same message to several people, without them knowing that other has also received the same message, you can type the address
  5. Subjects is what known as a very short descriptions of your message is written in these section.


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