JSS2 Social Studies Third Term: Social Issues (Illiteracy)

Topic: Social Issues (Illiteracy)


  • Meaning of Social Issues
  • Meaning of Illiteracy
  • Causes of Illiteracy
  • Consequences of Illiteracy
  • Solution to the Problems of Illiteracy

Social Issues

Social Issues are social problem that influences and it is opposed by a considerable number of individuals within a society. Some social issues in Nigeria are Illiteracy, Drug abuse, child abuse, child trafficking, traffic rules and regulation, accidents, corruption etc. All of these are some of the social problems in Nigeria.


Illiteracy can simply be defined as a situation where people cannot read and write. An illiterate is someone who has not learnt how to read or write, an illiterate is a person who can neither read nor write while a literate is a person who can read and write.

Causes of Illiteracy

  1. Poverty: According to Ewetan 2005 poverty is defined as a situation of low income or consumption. It is the lack of physical necessities, assets and income, a person who is poor therefore cannot afford to be literate because of their financial status.
  2. Wrong attitude to education: Attitude is the opinion and feeling that a person have towards something. The wrong attitude of government and individual persons to education will increase the level of illiteracy in the nation.
  3. Wrong policies and priorities: When people in government do not make policies that will address the educational system in the country, the citizens become illiterate. Government and individual must set their priorities right and see the need for education.
  4. Traditions and values: Some people because of their ways of life and mind set may not see going to school as something important and crucial, some don’t have values for education, the nomadic cattle rearers for instance move from one location to another. Their traditions and type of jobs made them to have no value for education.
  5. Lack of access to education: There are some people who live far away from school and some don’t even have school in their areas and because of this they remain illiterate due to lack of access to where schools are.
  6. Poor and inadequate facilities: Poor classrooms, inadequate staffs, unequipped library etc will discourage students from learning; they thereby end up in becoming an illiterate.
  7.  Social evils: This social evil like child marriage, child labor and slavery is the reason why some children are illiterate.
  8. Emigration of educated individuals: Another reason for illiteracy is that those who are educated travelled or emigrated to other advanced country because of good job and better standard of living leaving the young ones with no hope of teachers
  9. Overpopulation: This is a situation where the available resources are not sufficient enough to the available people in the country.

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