Do You Know That Your Memory Wields So Much Power!

In the 19th century, South Indians can simultaneously keep in mind and do the following things and afterwards correctly repeat the whole:

Play a game of chess without seeing the chess board; direct the movement of a knight so that it should make the circuit of the board within the outline of a horse traced on it, and enter no other square hose; carry on a conversation upon several subjects; complete a Sanskrit verse from the first line given him; multiply five figures by a multiplier of four figures, add a sum of three columns, each of eight rows figures; commit to memory a Sanskrit verse of sixteen words, the word being given to him out of their order and at the option of the tester; keep count of the strokes of a bell rung by another.

One of the people who have trained his memory to the extent we now recognise as possessing photographic memory is the Russian Journalist, Solomon Veniaminovich Sheresheveskii as he is often referred was able to perform total recall of exactly what happened 15  years earlier. After 8 years he was tested in his ability to recall a list of nonsense syllable that were confusingly summarised; even the dress the interviewer and psychologist Luria had been wearing at the time of the interview and other environmental factors were totally recalled.

Hideaki Tomoyori of Japan could memorise 10,000 decimal places of the Pi value and Mayurni Mori extended such feat to 40,000, Bill gates could remember hundreds of line of source code of his original Basic programming language, Investment Genius Warren Buffet could quote financial details of companies he investigated years ago, Cardinal Mezzofanti knew 70 to 80 languages, the founder of Christ Apostolic Church also memorised the whole book of psalms.

It would amaze you what the human brain can do, but it will further amaze you and in fact, it is more annoying and mind boggling that despite what man can do with his brain, most people live their lives far below the least they can apply their brains for.

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