An official of the Federal Ministry of Education has singled out the absence of practical/labouratory teaching of science subjects as the cause of unemployment in the country. Mrs. Grace Takerhi (who is the Deputy Director of Science Education at the Ministry) made this assertion today in Lagos while speaking at the 20th National Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) competition.

She told the News Agency of Nigeria the following-

“If we look at our educational system and the attendant rising unemployment, we will see that there is a convergence and that is the lack of practical teaching for science-based courses in our institutions. If we also look at what is happening, graduates from science-based courses are looking for jobs in Federal Ministry of Education. What is the relevance of their courses to where they are seeking careers? If the institutions are well equipped for practical teachings, the students will understand their courses and will know how to make use of the courses to employ themselves rather than looking for employments. Nigeria needs to bridge the disconnect between classroom teachings and practical teachings and meet the real life situation on ground. Sciences are meant to solve societal problems not adding to it.’’

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