The Lagos State Government will integrate Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in the curriculum of Non-Formal Vocational Training Schools.

This, the government said, is to improve the lives of young persons and contribute to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goal target by 2030.

According to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Dr Bola Balogun, sexuality is an important aspect of human life and the integration of CSE into the curriculum is germane to the wellbeing of human being, adding that it will aid a life-saving Sexual Reproductive Health Right (SRHR) for young people.

Balogun said adolescents and young people are the most vulnerable in society.

“There is a need to protect them from any form of violence, abuse, exploitation and most especially harmful health consequences of poor sexual and reproductive health decision or choices,” she said.

She added that conservative social norms contribute to the lack of knowledge and awareness of puberty, sexuality, and basic human rights among the youth.

The government, she said, would ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services to include family planning, information and education and the integration of reproductive health into strategies and programmes of the state.

“The integration of sexuality education will greatly reduce risk and burden of unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortion, sexual abuse/violence as well as contracting HIV/AIDs amongst the young people while ensuring they reach their maximum potential,” she added.


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