Education is the bedrock of any successfully nation as someone rightly said  but unfortunately, in many schools today, many student place less value to education sometimes because they are bored by the subjects taught or by the teacher teaching, whatever the case maybe, it is not ideal to waste the opportunities education offers you.

There is a huge probability that as you read this article, you have been battling with the challenges of sleeping during class and you want it to end, it can end if you follow the steps outlined in this article.

  1. Always Sit Properly in Class

Always sit properly in class, avoid sitting on the chair and laying your head on the table, you are sending an inadvertent invitation to sleep to envelope you because in no time, you would find yourself sleeping in class and you can be a source of scorn in class. IF you sit properly, you won’t feel sleepy.

  1. Focus in Class

It is good to focus in class. The absence of focus makes you sleep in class. There is a need to engage your mind when your teacher is explaining a topic in class. Think along with the subject, make mindful comparison in your mind, align what you are learning with what you already know, follow your textbook if you have one. Your focus can help you avoid sleeping during class.

  1. Always write in class.

This is part of actively participating in class, how you are able to take down notes while a class is ongoing. You do not necessarily have to write down all that your teacher says in class but the very important things can make a difference, it will engage you such that when you do not understand a point of discourse, you can raise questions in class, this keeps you alert throughout the class session.

  1. Find your class Pleasurable.

It is important that you find pleasure in every class. It is not wrong when a class seem boring due to the technicalities involved in the subject and peradventure the teacher seems boring. Whatever the case may be, it is important for you to create a way to enjoy the class, be creative with how you make a boring class become interesting. This will in every wise prevent you from sleeping in class.

  1. Be Active in Class

Don’t deny yourself the privilege of active participation, be active in class at every time, ask questions, answer questions, and be involved in discussions. Be fully engaged in the class activities, it will keep you happy, alive and enthusiastic and deny you from falling asleep during class.

  1. Eat nutritious and well-balanced meal

Balanced diet helps your brain to function properly and keeps you healthy, don’t succumb to the temptation of feeding on junks and sugary foods, they pre-dispose you to sleep, instead of junks, why not consume fruits? Feed well and sleep won’t plague you

  1. Get good Sleep.

Many students spend most of their nights seeing movies, playing games that they don’t get enough sleep or at least the recommended sleep of 8 hours, the unavoidable consequence is that you get to sleep in class. If you really want to do away with sleeping during class, get good sleep at night.