A lot of young minds are usually on the lookout for the right answers. I don’t seem to comprehend why this happens but to the best of my understanding, I know there are no entirely right custom-made answers for different circumstances but they are options and better options to get things done.

People that are motivated to find the right answers to any question are heaping so many problems upon themselves. They have caged themselves in the prison of a single-solution and thus eschew themselves from the best situation necessary to learn and grow.

Every persons must recognise that there are more than enough solutions to a problem and those that have imprisoned themselves in a single solution cage can be utterly frustrated when they are unable to get the solutions and even when they do get the solution, they seemingly short change themselves from better ideas that they could have ordinarily accessed if they ask the question, “Is there a better way to do things?”

People that ask questions all the time are described as curious, and what they stand to gain from doing this is that they keep learning, they keep growing. As a young student in Secondary school, I was never constrained to perform below par. I was always in the top 1% of the class, most of the time, I lead the top 1% and that was because, I ask a lot of questions. I ask questions from my teachers, from my intelligent colleagues even the less intelligent ones, so I have many options of answers to utilise per time.

If you want to avoid growing too comfortable with yourself, if you want to take a quantum leap in growth, if you want to eliminate the menace of stagnation, asking good questions is the way out. Ask questions that bother on better ways to do things.

In no distant time, you would be seen as a solution provider, I guess that’s what you want to be. Happy Cheers!