Many students fail to develop a good study habit because of one very simple reason: they fail to stick to their schedule.

How To Keep To Your Schedule

Be Your Loyal To Your Schedule: The best way to combat those distractions is to be loyal to your schedule for that time. Refrain from creating excuses and you will see that you can manage your time better.

Maintain Self- discipline: It is very important to be discipline,the easiest way to impose a self-discipline is to stick on the task or activity that you are scheduled to do for a particular period of time. If you happen to have an unexpected activity, just try your best to finish your scheduled task ahead of time.

Plan out your day the night before: It’s usually best to make plans for your day in advance. If you have never made a schedule before, it might take some time to work out all of the kinks. Don’t expect yourself to figure this out the first day, or even the first week.

Be faithful To Yourself: Remember that if you are known to be a person who does things as scheduled; your peers or your colleagues will also respect your time, and they will not have any reason to waste your time for any reason whatsoever.