Every teenager needs to have a study plan in order to maximize study times and achieve academic success. Precisely, a study plan is meant to help a student avoid clutter of information considerably that students typically have a lot to deal with on their study desks. Now the good news about setting study plans is that there are several ways to go about it. The

[different] available means should help many teenagers adapt to the ones that are most suitable to them so that they don’t feel constricted by a particular method. Therefore, study the tips below and ensure to only select the plans that best suits your personality.

DO NOT BE UNREALISTIC WITH YOUR PLAN: When setting up your study plan, there is need to be realistic with yourself by rightly determining amount of hours that would be convenient for you t study during the day and at night. Do not set unrealistic plans; you must always be sincere with yourself.

UNDERSTAND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU: When setting your study plan, there is need to have in mind what works for you and then run with it. If studying at night is more convenient for you as against studying during the day, then put that into consideration. And as soon as you are aware of what works best for you, endeavour to stick with the routine. Please do not go about changing your routines; please! Your body/brain tends to adapt more to your study plan when you make it a habit.

ENSURE TO ORGANIZE YOUR TIME: First of all, you must ensure to designate your study time in such a manner that it does not overlap or interfere with your free time. You do not want the time you should be studying to be the same time you should be calling your girlfriend or texting your boyfriend. Therefore, the time must be clearly specified and you must let it be ingrained in your mind that yes…it is time to study. But then asides demarcating the study time from personal time, ensure to demarcate the time you study each subject and ensure to stick by it. Do not be studying English Language when you ought to be studying Literature-In-English. This rule you must obey even though the subjects may be seemingly related. They are separate subjects and must be treated as such.

In any case, it is necessary to enjoy your study time. Therefore, find ways to make it interesting. All the best please…