LG unveils its G Flex curved phone with a ‘SELF-HEALING’ cover that repairs itself after it is scratched or dropped

Samsung’s Galaxy Round isn’t the only Korean smartphone that’s showing off its curves. LG, which just released its G2 smartphone in the United States, is already promoting their own curved smartphone. The G Flex phone is curved so that people can make better phone calls.

Since the human face isn’t composed entirely of straight lines, LG designed the G Flex so that the phone falls flush on the owner’s cheek. As a result, both the G Flex’s speaker and its microphone are close to the owner’s ear and mouth respectively. LG says that this design increases the sound level of a phone call by 3 dB, making it sound twice as loud.

Among the usual upgrades that come with any new phone (better display, better battery life, and new software for enhancing the user experience), the G Flex also has a bonus for people prone to dropping their phones. According to LG, the back cover is coated with a “self healing” coating that will repair nicks and scratches, but not to the screen.

LG has seen recently working on better flexible displays for smartphones and other devices. While the G Flex will make use of LG’s display, the phone itself is not bendable or flexible.

The G Flex is expected to be available in Korea starting in November. It will be available in other markets, though there is no set date yet for when it could appear in Nigeria.

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