Ideally speaking, every student’s favourite place should be the library. However, I must admit that this is usually not the case. That not withstanding, there are quite a number of students make out time to visit the library on a daily. This is a good thing, even though not all of them are familiar with the rules guiding the use of public libraries. We can all agree that it is appalling when one walks into a public library to study only to get seriously disturbed by people who think the library is their bedrooms. In the same vein, even you cannot afford to be the source of any form of nuisance in a public library because that will simply show how unserious you are as a student. This is why we have decided to write about the rules of public library use just so everyone would be familiar with it. Please read below-

  • : Do not carry your lunch to the library; please! It’s a library not a cafeteria.  The only forms of foods that are allowed are drinks stored in good bottles.

  • : Do not use your phones to make calls while you are in the library. Every single ring or vibration of a mobile phone can greatly distract someone trying hard to memorize an abstract concept.

  • : Do not hold your village meetings inside the library. Take it to the village if you do not want to study.

  • You walk intolibrary, please do not deliberately slap the soles of your feet on the floor all in the name of walking. Walk as though you have a brain working in your head.

  • Do not sleep in the library; it’s not your bedroom. If per chance you get tired and sleepy, pack your stuff and head home.

  • Do not go to the library just to stare at people that are actually studying. If for any reason you need to observe human beings, any major street in your locality will serve the purpose.

  • Do not write anything on the library books. Make your jottings in your notepad.

  • When you borrow a book, return it at the appropriate and to the very position you picked it from.