Let’s face it, when you’re a teenager and still flying solo in life, February 14 can be one of the most challenging days of the year. Here are four simple ways to beat the blues during this year’s Cupid-fest if you find yourself without that one special someone (expected though) to share it with:

Explore your interests. ‘When you’re ‘attached to someone’, you often wind up doing things the other person enjoys that don’t particularly excite you. So celebrate your freedom! This doesn’t require a lot of money or effort,  somewhere near you, people are doing what you love, so sign up and go join them!

Find a faux Valentine. You’re not the only single person on earth, so find a partner and be each other’s Valentine. Do NOT choose someone you have a romantic interest in. The meanest thing you can do is to ask this of the person whom you know has a crush on you, so don’t go there. This is strictly platonic!

Make the day about someone other than you. There’s no better way to get over your blues than to do something for someone else. Think of someone who needs more than you do on this day, and go be that person’s hero There’s no downside!

Don’t hate the lovers. It’s understandable when you’re surrounded by twosome bliss that you might notice the slight taste of bile in your mouth. Stop it! Envy won’t make you happier, and, all else being equal, happy people are more attractive. Change your mind set about the ‘couples’ in your space.

And if none of the above appeals to you, because it’s just too heartbreaking, then spend Valentine’s Day this year making sure things are different next year. Take a fearless self-inventory about what you might change to become more attractive to your future beloved. Buy some books in the area you want to improve and commit to doing the work. Be nice. Stay Happy. Enjoy the day.

After all, as a teenager, you’re not supposed to be obsessed with the concept of love. Trust me, you’re better safe being unattached!