It is the favourite time for children everywhere, Schools are about to start preparing for the close of session and there is a long break to look forward to. It is time to watch movies and go out and hang out with friends. Yes, it is time for all these things but there are also some other things you should do. We have listed them below

Register for a course/program: I know the term has just ended and you need your rest but this is the time to attend the extra-curricular activities that you won’t necessarily be able to attend due to time constraints. There are a lot of programs/masterclass/hackathons being organized for children and they’ll gain a lot of additional skills from attending these things and they’re mostly always fun. If you can’t register for a program, then you can go for summer coaching and try to learn ahead of the class for the new session.

Read books: When most kids close from school for the term, their books also close along with it. Nobody is going to begrudge them being tired from all the school term work but going the entire holiday without reading a book is not advisable. It doesn’t have to be school work but there are always new things to learn and the best way to learn is by reading. Cultivate a reading habit during the holiday and it will serve you well.

Learn a new language: The holidays might be a little too short to learn a new language in its entirety but it’s a great time to start. Learning a new language opens the brain and broadens the mind to be receptive to new ideas. You can either learn online or get a tutor to coach you. The internet is turning the world into a global village and being able to speak more than a single language is an added advantage.

Set goals for the coming school session: How well did you do in this session? Is there something you think that can be improved on? Of course there is always something. End of session is a good time to take stock of what you did well and badly in the previous session. Set goals for the incoming session that you can start working on once you resume.

Unwind & Exercise: After slugging it out for a session and attending additional programs during the holidays, don’t forget to make time to unwind and actually have fun. After all the work you have put in, you deserve it. Make sure you let your hair down and that you are properly recharged for the new session. Also take time out to exercise and get in the sun. A healthy body and a healthy mind goes hand-in-hand.

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