A lot of students are scared of Maths throughout school, but there are some tips that are easy to follow that will help you improve your marks.

Reasons for not doing well in Maths may include not having a strong basic in Maths. There is also an element of fear involved.

– The types of insecurities include:

·       Scared of going wrong and being laughed at

·       Making silly mistakes in the calculation

·       Inability to remember formulae

There is also a chance that your teacher may not be able to explain the problems in a way you understand even if they have in depth knowledge in Mathematics.

It is advised that you need to be least fairly good at Maths as it is essential in almost all subjects and careers.

So let’s look at some basic tips of how you can score well in Maths:

1.     Get familiar with BODMAS

Learn all of the basic facts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If the basics are in place, then higher level Maths becomes easier for you and the subject doesn’t remain difficult.

Look out for where you make errors or silly mistakes. Once you know where you go wrong, you can avoid making similar errors in future.

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2.     Pay attention in class

Be attentive during the class by keeping all your senses alert. Note down concepts during the lecture that you find important. These notes will help you in understanding the subject when you are studying it later. Listen carefully so that you do not miss out on essential details.

Tip: Sit in the front benches in the classroom. There are less distractions when you are right in front of the teacher. Students who sit in front usually have better marks

3.     Ask if you do not understand

Do not hesitate if you are asked to solve a question on the board. It is alright to make mistakes as it gives you a chance to learn, you just have to take it in the right spirit. Don’t worry if you don’t understand something immediately in the lecture or class.

It shows that you are at least taking effort to pay attention and trying to understand what is being taught. Ask your teacher if you have any question on problems that you are not able to understand.

Remember: If you have a problem understanding something in class, know there are also other students who have also not understood

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4.     Practice makes perfect

After grasping the basics, do not forget that the only way to master Maths is to practice. Solve as many problems as you can.

Tip: Start from basic problems and then go to more advanced levels to increase your confidence levels.

5.     Write neatly

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Eventually, with enough, perseverance, you can succeed in maths. And last but not the least, complete your work neatly.

Ensure that you are taking efforts to make all of your numbers look the same way every time, as neatness counts.

Tip: It is easier to understand what you have written if it is neat while you are revising. It is stressful going through untidy notes when an exam is approaching.