Before and during exams, students prepare a lot and do away with things they love to do naturally just to focus on their exams and succeed with excellent results, but now that exam is about  to end or has ended for some people, I’m really sure you are happy and you want to draw a list of what you need or want to do, you can consider some of these things as what you will love to do

1. Plan a trip out with friends and family: Try get away from anything related to your exam, change environment and go to a conducive place with your friends and relatives to have fun and relax.

2. Sleep well: During the exam you have had many sleepless nights. This time you are free, try have a long sleep regularly to feel good and great. Go ahead and sleep without having any guilt.

3. Do the things you have always wanted to do:  Catch up on the movies, books and games you have been eyeing. Sure, before your exams, there has been a movie you would have love to see, now you have the time, also the novel you have wanted to read etc, go ahead and do them.

4. Get amongst nature: It does wonders for the mood.When you play games with your friends under the tree, or you go swimming, its cool. Enjoy the natural atmosphere.

5. Let those creative juices flow freely: Go ahead and bring your natural talent into use. Do paintings, draw,play the piano, learn to sew better, develop your talents any how you can.

6. Render meaningful help to your parents: Your parents are glad you are through with your exams, they have been waiting for you, now that you are through, you have to be useful. Help with the cooking, house chores etc and all these will make them happy.

What other things do you have in mind to do?