Now there’s even a SMARTBIKE: Detachable wheel revs bicycle up to 20mph, controlled with a phone

Smartphones are finding their way into every aspect of our lives – from apps that let you remotely switch on the kettle, to ones that allow you to dim the lights via your mobile.

And now city cyclists could soon benefit from remote mobile technologies, with a new wave of smartphone gadgets, which promise to increase speed and improve security.

FlyKly Smart Wheel, for instance, provides riders with not only the ability to speed up with minimal effort but also to monitor and track their bicycle

Developed by a group of friends in New York, the technology attaches to the back wheel of a bicycle to provide it with an electric-powered pedal boost .

Once a rider starts peddling, the motor in the FlyKly starts up, and begins making the ride easier.

It has the ability to travel at up to 20 miles per hour for up to 30 miles and is powered by a lithium battery that can be fully recharged in just two to three hours.

To use the FlyKly, riders set a top speed on the device’s app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The FlyKly acts as a GPS tracker for the bike in the event it gets stolen. It also works as a security device by remotely locking the motor using the app.

The group behind the device have started a Kickstarter campaign that now only has 39 days to go.

A separate project on Kickstarter is hoping to speed the end for keys, by using a lock that can be opened with a press of a button if your phone is nearby.

The BitLock is a standard bike U-lock that has a control unit and bluetooth module.

It has just one button, which you press to open – if the owner’s phone is within range. Press it again, and the lock is secured.

It can communicate with Android and iOS devices, and users can even give their friends access at set times, effectively running their own bike sharing scheme.

The BitLock also remembers where you’ve parked using GPS, and can send your bike’s exact location to friends – or remind you.

It can track your rides so you’ll always know where your pride and joy is – and find out how many calories your daily commute burns as well.

The lock is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and San Francisco inventor Mehrdad Majzoobi claims it ‘uses encryption found in online banking systems’.

However, he does warn ‘You should not share access with anyone you don’t trust.’

It’s claimed the battery on the lock will last for 20 years, It’ll cost around £50, and the U-lock itself is made from heat-treated steel and is reinforced for security.


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