The Old Boys’ Association of Loyola College, Ibadan, has urged the Oyo State government to return missionary schools to their original owners.

It said this would tackle the falling standard of education.

The association’s National President, Dr. Benedictus Ajayi, spoke with reporters yesterday on the state of facilities at the college.

He said the return of missionary schools would save the government money.

Lamenting the decay at his alma-mater, Ajayi said: “We were shocked when we went to Loyola College. We met it in a state of disrepair, not because the teachers are bad or the pupils are terrible, but the structure is over crowded. Facilities meant for 200 pupils are used by 2,000 pupils and 450 teachers teach 7,000 pupils. There are no doors, windows and toilets. What are they teaching in such environment?”

He said during their days at the college, the school was well equipped and pupils and teachers were disciplined.

Ajayi said: “Government has no business handling schools. There have been many correspondences calling for it to hands off and I believe that in no distant time, schools will be handed back to their original owners.”

He hailed the Lagos State government for taking the lead in returning missionary schools to their owners.

Ajayi said: “The school has gone through a pathetic transformation since it was taken over by the government, such that enrolment reduced drastically and infrastructure greatly dilapidated. This compelled old students to rally round and see how we can transform the school for the better.

“We need other members of the association to support this cause financially, because it is our desire to see the school regain its pride as one of the best in Ibadan.”