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How I Overcame My Bully (Story)

I went out of the house today for the first time after coming to the west. You know, just walk around and see the town. I kept exploring until I met a face that seemed like a huge blast from my past.

It was SABURI SHARAFA! Why is this guy important? He was my classmate in primary school. No, that’s not why he was important. SABURI SHARAFA was my BULLY in Primary school.

Jesus! This Nigga whooped the living daylight out of me in primary school. He would beat me on Monday and complete it on Tuesday. It’s not like I never wanted to hit back but I had no penchant for violence, a trait I still retain.

Sometimes, during the whooping process, Isioma(a girl) would save me lol. Not ashamed to say it. Isioma too could beat the crap out of me anytime I provoked her but this post is about SABURI SHARAFA. I received this beatings from Primary 1 to Primary 3. By primary 3, I had had enough!

After school, I would go out in the street and pick fights with boys way older than me. This was done in order to maybe train myself against the big bad SABURI SHARAFA. I kept fighting bigger boys, some I won, some I lost. I would develop bruises and cuts in different places which I would hide from my mum and my sisters.

At a point, I felt I was strong enough. I tested this new found strength on Isioma and for the first time, I whooped her ass! That wasn’t enough for me, I needed to overcome SABURI SHARAFA. I kept fighting in the street, almost everytime till I almost made someone go blind (STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY). Then I was ready for SABURI.

He came at me as usual during long break at the field, all cocky and stuff, I was scared to the bone but I held my ground. The strength just came and the next thing I knew, SABURI was in the air and on the ground in a matter of seconds. Well, to cut it short, he ended up with cuts close to his cheeks and a handful on sand in his mouth.

I became the champion. I had overcome my bully and fear. It was a step and lesson for me to overcome the challenges of life however they come. I kept fighting bigger boys in Secondary school too lol.

I called SABURI SHARAFA, he could also remember my full name lol. We exchanged contacts and I had myself a good day.

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*As shared by a true friend of mine on his Facebook page. Permission taken…of course.

I hope this teaches all the bullies out there to stop already. And for those of you being bullied, there is hope.

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