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Parents: 8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Teenager

Remember when you were younger , your mum was probably your best friend and you told her everything and but  now as a  teenager you barely converse with your mum.

We do understand that teenagers  today are highly obsessed with their Phones, facebook and  Twitter accounts, and barely converse with their parents, but there are some questions that some  parents ask their teenagers that grosses them out. Because teenagers forget that parents also want to be involved in their day to day lives.

Here are some suggestions of 8 things parents shouldn’t ask their teenagers:

1. Davido looked hot at the: Stop that. They most likely love Davido (even with his sometimes awful behaviour) and do not EVER want to hear you referring to someone close to their age as HOT.

2. I saw on Facebook that you: Your teen never wants to know you’re stalking them on social media. The fact that they friended you in the first place is a big step, one you don’t want them to regret.

3. You want to go see a movie Friday night? Sundays, weeknights, sure — your teen would love a free trip to the movies. Friday and Saturday nights, though? Um, MUM, that’s where all the cool kids go.

4. How was school today? It’s annoying, I know. This question is almost always met with a one-word answer. But when you’re just leaving work, do you usually want to tell someone all about it? Or do something else? Right. Something else. FYI: Your teen probably feels the exact same way.

5. What’s that on your face? They know they have a pimple there. Believe me. Don’t remind them.

6. So tell me what’s going on with this … guy! If she wants to talk to you about the guy she has a crush on, she’ll work it into the conversation with you somehow.

7. So see you around 11, then? Sure, they may not listen when you want them to, but using the word “around” when it comes to curfews or meeting times gives your teen free reign to be 15 minutes to three HOURS late. Their rebuttal? In their best whining voice: “But mum, you said AROUND 11!”

8. We’ll talk about this later: You may as well say, “Hide from me for the next week and a half.” If your teen knows that there’s some sort of looming confrontation, they are going to do their best to avoid it at all costs.

Well, there you have it parents, don’t keep making those mistakes.

And for the Teens, be more accommodating with your parents. Your mum definitely wants to know more about your daily activities, and be sure she’s updated with the happenings in your life.

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